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Oversize Load Permits

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Countrywide Permit Solutions is committed to making sure you get the best service while obtaining your trucking permits in a timely, friendly, easy manner. You can rest assured you are getting the best rates in the industry. Give us a call at (828) 595-3081 to receive a free quote today! If you'd like to apply for a permit online, click here.

About Oversize Load Permits:

If your vehicle is oversize or overweight, a temporary permit is needed for your vehicle. These oversize load permits authorize transportation despite being over the standard limitations regarding configuration and weight. Oversize load permits also contain routing information, travel regulations/restrictions, and safety requirements. There are many determining factors when reviewing overweight/oversize permitting requirements. If a vehicle is oversize or overweight, a temporary permit is needed. This permit authorizes movement according to vehicle configurations and weight.

You May Need a Temporary Permit If:

  • Overall height exceeds 13’ 6”

  • Overall width exceeds 8’ 6”

  • Trailer length exceeds 48 feet

  • Overall weight exceeds 80,000 lbs

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